Tail Light Film

Tinting Tail Lights has become quite popular with today's car enthusiast. Just like with Window Film there are a lot of manufacturers but not all of them are good. Supertints has searched to find the best Tail Light Film because we only like to install the best products on the market. A couple of common mistakes people make when deciding to tint their Tail Lights are buying kits online and buying Night Shades Spray On Tint. When you buy do it your self kits online you don't know how good the materiel is and you still have to install it. We usually charge less with installation then you would pay for a kit that you have to install.  The problem with Night Shades Spray is it doesn't look very good, it's messy, and it is hard to remove. 


Our Film has a nice appearance and comes in three shades (light-medium-dark). Your lights will have a nice smoke look but will look red and not purple when the lights are on. It has a lifetime warranty but it is easily removed if you want it off or retinted. Why do it yourself when you can have it done professionally for less.