Halcyon Shades

Premium Window Shades 

Searching for the best window shades? Halcyon Shades offers attractive, window coverings that do much more than just block sunlight and provide your building with privacy — they also offer health benefits, added value, and energy efficiency to help with your comfort, the environment, and your pocketbook.

State-of-the-Art, Energy Efficient Window Shades

Energy efficiency isn’t just about eco-friendliness. With our energy-saving window shades, you can create the level of comfort you need for your commercial property. Don’t let the sun’s heat make your property unbearable during sweltering summers —  Halcyon shades will block UV rays that affect the warmth of your home and overwork your heating and cooling systems. Once our custom-fit window shades are installed, you’ll be able to better regulate your systems and cut back on electricity costs that might otherwise skyrocket.

Find the Shades That Fit Your Style & Your Window

Available in a wide range of styles to fit any budget or aesthetic, Halcyon window shades are sure to fit your home or commercial property perfectly — in terms of both design and size. Select from over 6,000 designs of window shades — all of which can be programmed and motorized for your convenience — then let us create custom shades to fit your windows precisely. Our expert installation team will install your custom-fit window shades to ensure that the job’s done right.

Protect Your Property With Our Window Shades

The sun’s UV rays don’t just pose a threat to your skin when you’re outside — they can also hurt  your skin as they shine through your windows. Halcyon’s line of premium window shades will protect everyone in your home or commercial space from UV damage. They’ll also safeguard your carpet, furniture, art, wallpaper, and other belongings from the risks of long-term sun exposure. Our window shades block 99.9% of UV rays to give you peace of mind when it comes to UV ray damage.